Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Everett Gets His Cast!

So I was dreading this appointment because after all the ER drama I was betting that Everett would scream all through getting a cast put on.
We got into the waiting room of this outpatient children's hospital and while I was filling out paperwork and giving the ER's CD of images to the front desk person the other kids were standing around the waiting room. Ember spotted a little girl and fell madly in love with her. This little girl was probably two years old and was really cute and Ember spent the whole time I was getting Everett checked in telling me loudly all about what this girl was doing. She'd holler over to me, "The little girl ran to her mom!" or, "The little girl has a toy!"
She'd watch the girl, laugh at whatever she did, and then tell me excitedly all about it. The little girl's mom and other parents in the waiting room luckily thought this was adorable and everyone was giggling over Ember's excitement over this new BFF she'd met.

After not long at all we were called back and sent into a room to meet the orthopedist. The orthopedist didn't do anything except look at Everett's x-ray and agree that he thought he needed a cast for 4 weeks. He asked the color of cast we wanted and I was momentarily thrown off. I don't know! Um, do we go with dark blue again because Allan loves dark blue because of BYU football? Do I go with something different for Everett's sake because he already had dark blue casts? I don't know! If I go with something different... what? Everett has no preference yet but my older children most definitely have color preferences. They are all passionate about what colors they love and hate. lol!
So if Everett ended up hating a certain color and had had casts as a baby that color would he mind?

Silly mom thoughts. ha

After what was only probably a few seconds I said, "Let's go with the light neon green. Or the camouflage, let's do camouflage. No, definitely the light green." And then I immediately said, "No wait, the light blue! Yeah, light blue!"
The doctor smiled and said okay and left to get the guy to do the casts. I panicked about the cast color choice and called Allan. You know how I've blogged about Brooke's indecisiveness and how she gets it from me? I wasn't joking! haha... I'm so indecisive!

Allan was glad I called because he immediately, pretty enthusiastically, told me to get dark blue for BYU! haha! I said thank you, relieved to not be the one making the decision for my son and told the guy who came in shortly after about the color change. Ha, this is ridiculous, I know. I really know. But you know... I can choose and I wanted to choose right for Everett. Not that it matters, I mean obviously it really doesn't at all but... if you can choose, why not choose what you want the most. And since I didn't care I wanted someone who did care to pick. Everett couldn't so Allan was the next best decider! And I'm just including this all in my blog because those silly thoughts are exactly what went through my mind at the time.

So the guy came back a couple seconds later with the dark blue and said he was going to need my help a bit to get Everett's leg casted. I told the guy, "Okay, just so you know this will either go really awesome and he'll be totally quiet and calm and happy or it'll go terribly and he'll scream at the top of his lungs the entire time. There's no middle ground with my baby, he's happy or he's screaming and miserable."
The guy laughed and said something funny (I don't remember what, I just remember laughing) and then we started the casting process.
Everett decided we were probably trying to kill him and to show his displeasure with the situation screamed at the top of his lungs and cried. It was sad, stressful (he truly is SO loud), a little funny, and a bit exhausting. Dealing with a screaming baby is not the most fun and that whole week Everett had been a screaming baby. He'd been cranky and demanding before he broke his leg from his two new teeth coming in and he was extra cranky during all the medical stuff and I was going on very little sleep and was just plain old tired. Another thing about Everett is there really isn't any comforting him in moments like that. With every single other child I've had they were comforted by at least one trick I had. A song, a cuddle, a kiss, humming, telling them a story... whatever. Everett isn't. Everett doesn't care what you say, sing, do, offer... if he's upset he will literally scream at the top of his lungs until whatever is bothering him goes away. I sang him his favorite songs, I showed him new "toys." (Things from around the office) I offered him a dang lollipop. Noooooope. Get everything away from me, including that man holding my leg, and then I'll stop crying! That was Everett's compromise. lol

But honestly it wasn't so bad. Everett was loud and shattered the eardrums of probably a dozen people in the office that day but he didn't wiggle around or fight with us one bit. And every time the guy working on the cast would turn around or walk out of sight Everett would calm down. He just really hated medical people that week. I can't blame him... he associated all these strangers with pain. It makes sense he'd want people to leave him alone.

Doing the cast only took about five minutes. Then the cast had to dry for five minutes. Everett had to lay down on the exam table with a pillow propping up his leg during that and he hated that part. He wanted me to hold him. That made me sad. I offered him a lollipop again after the cast guy left (I have no idea what to call him, was he a nurse? assistant?) and this time he happily took it. I was in no position or mood to take pictures this whole time but I forced myself to take a couple for Everett's sake. I'm positive he'll want these photos when he's older. If I'd ever had a cast put on I'd want pictures of the process!  photo 077eresized_zps049a3aee.jpg

I was thankful Brooke was there to help keep a hand on him so I could snap a photo. I couldn't have taken these without her!  photo 085eresized_zps66824633.jpg photo 089eresized_zps186aa233.jpg

Once home I snapped a few pictures before getting him dressed. I thought I was going to have a difficult time fitting him in clothes but so far there's only one pair of pants and one set of pajamas that don't fit. Everything else is just big enough to fit over his cast! :)  photo 095e4resized_zps41d1583b.jpg photo 096eresized_zps99510a6b.jpg photo 101bwresized_zps3a691fda.jpg photo 103bwresized_zpsf4ed4005.jpg photo 105bwresized_zpsa37113b1.jpg

The cast hasn't slowed him down one bit. He was immediately crawling and pulling up on stuff again!  photo 130eresized_zpsc329712c.jpg

Going to See Christmas Lights!

We had the BEST night driving around looking at Christmas lights. The kids had so much fun and were oohing and aahing over all the lights and displays. Allan and I marveled at the memory that was being made; I couldn't help but think about my own childhood and going to see Christmas lights and how utterly magical it was every single time. I almost couldn't handle the firm realization that we were/are making our kids' memories right now. Every day. This is their childhood. While we're busy dealing with the stress of it all and wondering how to do it all, it's just happening all around us. By the time we feel like we've got this parenting thing figured out our kids will likely be moving out of our home! haha
If we ever figure it out, I guess!

But the moments when you're just so aware of the present and how powerful and important it is, it becomes emotionally intoxicating. Like you almost can't breathe because it's suddenly all so easy and so enjoyable and you can't imagine ever living without these wonderful people surrounding you. I don't want to imagine a Christmas season where I'm not in the front seat listening to 5 little voices in the back talk about the Christmas lights outside our car windows. But one day that will be my life. I want that day to stay far away... I want today to stay this way, as crazy and chaotic and relentless as it can be, forever and ever and ever. I love being a mom and having my kids in the home. I love it so freaking much.  photo 066eresized_zpsf1e230a6.jpg photo 068eresized_zps919b9edf.jpg photo 069eresized_zpsdbcde545.jpg

One "Terrible" Evening

This night Ember and Everett were both up really, really late. I tried several times with each of them to get them to sleep but for some reason they just would not go to bed! Everett is usually pretty good about going to sleep at his bedtime so I think it must've been his teeth bothering him. When he gets a new tooth he doesn't sleep for a full freaking week! It's horrible on him and me!

So Allan and I just hung out with our littlest kids and didn't do anything fun together. With five kids, and being in way over our head with those five kids, we're pretty dependant on our very limited alone time at night so it hurts, emotionally, when a kid or two are up with us late into the evening and we end up going to sleep ourselves with one or both in our bed. But it's just this phase and it won't last so nothing else to do except find the enjoyment in extra time with those kiddos!  photo 035eresized_zpsa44af3e2.jpg photo 034eresized_zps17fbe4ba.jpg photo 038eresized_zpsc7072c7a.jpg

Ember kisses me a thousand times a day and sometimes she licks my lips and sometimes she tries to eat my mouth. She's always just being silly and hoping for a laugh. It's funny. But you know, sometimes gross to be licked on the face! haha  photo 039eresized_zps67c9c66c.jpg

Allan has been Everett's favorite person on earth since the day he was born. Literally if Allan's home and not holding Everett, Everett's crying. If he is holding Everett, Everett is the happiest baby in the whole wide world!!  photo 042eresized_zpsff8c6a65.jpg photo 043eresized_zps7ecbfbaa.jpg photo 045eresized_zps0415e594.jpg