Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just So You Know...

 photo 251eresized_zpsjzaucfdq.jpg

This is one 14 month old baby who does not accept bottled milk. Thank you very much! photo 253eresized_zpstg6tfhbw.jpg

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I'm So Behind

I am so behind on blogging! I have a lot of pictures I haven't even looked through, I have a lot of pictures still on my memory cards! I can't keep up!

Here are a random few from two weeks ago.
The kids were watching something educational while I cooked dinner. I want to say it was a Magic Schoolbus show but it might have been one of those preschool shows... I can't remember what they're called... Leap Frog?  photo 002ceresized_zpsafdn3a8d.jpg

This kid likes to be held all day long. I can't remember a time when I wasn't holding a baby all day long.  photo 012eresized_zpswcm8i0r2.jpg

Allan's been getting home super late this month. Most times I've already put all the kids to bed but Ember, the night owl that she is, is usually still up and gets to see Allan before she goes to bed.  photo 020eresized_zpsw04ub5db.jpg  photo 018bwresized_zpsm7dozm8v.jpg

Monday, January 26, 2015

My Days Are Busy!

I don't know what happened to life but it kind of exploded in my face. I'm so busy. Homeschooling now takes up all of our days. Most mornings we start schooling right after breakfast and don't finish until 4! The kids are getting into lessons that take much longer and we've added in a quality geography program to our days. (We were just doing basic map stuff) and at the end of most days I feel like crying I'm so tired and it's so short of a time before I wake up and do it all again. And Everett has been a poor sleeper this week, worst than he ever has been, and I'm just... tired. And busy. haha. And redundant ;)

These photos were ones I took in an attempt to do a day in the life type of post. I did okay with them. I'm out of the habit so I missed a lot but there are still like twenty photos so, that's a hefty post.

Painting time in pajamas. Sometimes I tell the kids they can have art time after math and English. Sometimes before to get them more cheerful about the day.  photo 045cloneeresized_zpsqadoqowm.jpg

Everett loves coloring!  photo 059eresized_zpsvsvgalpf.jpg

I've tried a variety of art supplies for him, most marketed towards toddlers, and he has liked most but his favorites are regular old Crayola crayons (not jumbo size) and toddler markers! (He did not like triangular crayons!)  photo 070e2resized_zpswrat7dgx.jpg

Brooke has read all the cat warrior series books and was painting LionBlaze.  photo 076eresized_zps8ug9z78j.jpg

Once in a while a kid will take the baby gate down to go upstairs, and leave it down, and Everett races over for a chance to crawl up and down. He mastered crawling downstairs just this last week!  photo 094eresized_zpsorxn246g.jpg

I spend a decent chunk of time with him on the stairs. It's one of his favorite things to do.  photo 117eresized_zpsw5f3bq4d.jpg

 photo 134eresized_zpsd9ynxsis.jpg photo 138eresized_zpsbza8offw.jpg

Sometimes I give each kid one paintbrush and a cup of water and a paper towel so that they can rinse their paintbrush in between colors. Sometimes I let them use different paintbrushes for each color they use and then my table looks like this:  photo 145eresizedc_zpsxeqqliff.jpg

Moving on to school work. photo 153eresized_zpscpiygajq.jpg  photo 157eresized_zpskt7utiux.jpg photo 160eresized_zpse5lacwdp.jpg

We drink herbal tea during reading time. Our favorite is chamomile tea with honey. We also like apple tea with cinnamon and honey.  photo 164eresized_zpsdpqocnfr.jpg photo 168eresized_zpsjdffd6ls.jpg

Brooke had so much to relearn this year. One negative about public school is for a lot of the stuff they can slide by without knowing some important things. One positive for me is that Brooke and Sierra are learning the same things half the time! Brooke is relearning it and Sierra's learning it for the first time. We were reviewing basic sentence stuff. To keep her interested I let her write her own sentences. They're always similar to this:  photo 172eresized_zpsq9pu1i9g.jpg

This day got into the 40s! We took a walk.  photo 179eresized_zpsyszwclsu.jpg  photo 182eresized_zps6fujdx9f.jpg photo 197eresized_zpss4lbhlel.jpg

I love Payson's stripes. haha
 photo 199eresized_zpsdx2kiynb.jpg photo 204eresized_zpstrg08hgk.jpg

Everett spent the entire walk taking off his hat and throwing it on the ground over and over again.  photo 208eresized_zpswiic6rrb.jpg  photo 212eresized_zps83xnccah.jpg photo 230eresized_zpsmbfiekki.jpg photo 234eresized_zps51jzogcw.jpg photo 238eresized_zpsql6o0lpa.jpg

My view as I prepared dinner and did some dishes.  photo 239eresized_zpstihuj68f.jpg  photo 242eresized_zpsjycd4brk.jpg photo 257eresized_zpsypotw8xa.jpg

I went to put Everett in his high chair and found it already in use.  photo 264eresized_zpswzz7ditt.jpg

There were so many other things I didn't photograph that day. Everett had a blowout diaper and got a bath and new outfit and was not happy when I wouldn't hold him while I cooked. I can't hold a baby while I chop onions, though.  photo 272eresized_zpsnl8ahdju.jpg

I'd look down and talk to him and he'd hold his marker up each time with a smile. He found that marker under the cupboard.  photo 278eresized_zpsvoeds8an.jpg  photo 293eresized_zpsinadlrpe.jpg  photo 295eresized_zpsiqpjlxwl.jpg

I was making *this recipe* for dinner. We eat that a lot! Served with rice and broccoli.  photo 296eresized_zps3rlv9zyo.jpg  photo 297eresized_zpsg2bef5ed.jpg  photo 299eresized_zpsepk6zmqz.jpg