Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Night Before Kindergarten

I don't know what it is about Payson going to kindergarten that is getting to me this week. I didn't feel this tremendously emotional about either of my girls going to school. Sad, missing, sure. But a complete mess? Nope!

I don't know if it's that he was my third baby and therefore so much more a baby than the older two. I don't know if it was that he is my only boy (for now), or because he had so many physical issues and that made me coddle him a whole lot, I don't know. I just know, preparing to send my little boy off to school has made me nonstop teary for the past few days.

Ever since I registered him I can barely sleep at night, thinking about him going off to school and being in someone else's care. I just want his teacher to care about him. That's really all I want. I also want him to have fun and love learning there like he does so much at home. I want him to make good friends and be liked by his fellow students because I know how important people are to him. Of all my kids he's the most social, he's the one who thrives on as much interaction with others as he can possibly get. And I just want for him to get that and for it to be good, all good and no bad.

I went shopping tonight after the kids were in bed for school lunch groceries. It was crazy weird shopping for lunches for my boy. As intense as it's been parenting him (he's required SO much work in his five short years!) I never really stopped to think about how I'd really feel when he actually goes to school. And it turns out, I feel really sad!! haha!

There's no part of me that wants to keep him home, or to homeschool him, as I know he wants to go to school more than practically anything else in the world. And providing him with as much social interaction as he wants is just not a possibility for me... and, I am looking forward to spending the last trimester of this pregnancy with only one at home to worry about for a good chunk of the day! But, I am going to miss him a lot. I'm going to worry about him a lot. I'm going to smother him when he's home a lot.

So anyway, I packed his lunch tonight to save time in the morning, and teared up the whole time. Funny cutting up fruit and crying. haha! I'm such an emotional wreck right now. I'm not ready to have this baby yet but I sure am excited for when my regular hormones return one day! haha  photo 126resized_zpse051ee94.jpg  photo 132resized_zpsf1b13c96.jpg

The kindergarteners have snack every day. Since Payson is allergic to gluten I have to bring a separate snack for him than the rest of the class. I hope his almonds and rice krispy treat don't pale in comparison to what everyone else has!  photo 134resized_zps1982559d.jpg

I think he'll be most excited about the Super Mario fruit snacks I found! But also the Gatorade because my kids rarely get juice and he loves Gatorade.
Once he drinks that bottle's worth, though, I'm refilling it with water for the rest of the year. But for day one, yay for Gatorade!


  1. Ariana, I could have written this post! My little guy Logan is a couple days younger than Payson and is headed to kindergarten in a week. I have the same fears and hopes and it was nice to read your post and know I am not alone in it :) Hope your little man is having an amazing first day! Can't wait to read about it!

  2. I'm more upset about my little guy starting big school this year than I was 2 years ago when my daughter started. They start nursery (sort of like playgroup but with some learning) when they are around 2 years old and then start real school the Sept after their 4th birthday. A year earlier than you guys start real school in the US so I was used to them being gone for parts of the day from early on. But I'm anxious about my little guy going to big school. In my mind he's still 2 and is definitely the baby.

    By the way are you guys allowed nuts at your school for snacks? Our school here is totally nut free, one parent gave the kids an almond hershey's kiss in some easter baskets they handed out and she got into a lot of grief over it because of some kids who are deathly allergic to nuts. We can't even take home baked goods into school.

  3. I felt the same way when Mason started kinder last year. Now I feel good about them going back. Payson will have a blast. I was wondering too about the almonds as snack. Our school doesn't have a completely nut free rule but if there are kids in the class (like my daughter Macie) w a nut allergy they don't allow any. Curious to how your school handles it. It's always hard because there are sooooo many diff allergies and what could kill one kid is the life line for another. Lol. But I promise after the first week you will stop being so nervous. I was a basket case last year until I realized how much he loved it. Hehe

  4. Our school is really lax about nuts. They do say to bring treats to school that don't have nuts but everything else, for your own child, is fine.

    We can't take homemade snacks into school, though.

  5. Glad that Payson can get his favorites at school still. :-) I bet he is sooooo excited to start.

  6. haha, he's not the biggest fan of nuts, actually. His favorites (and what he'll have at school 99% of the time) are gluten-free bunny crackers. The store I went to last night didn't have them so I got him almonds for today's snack; I had to drive out to the health food store today to get a few boxes of the bunny crackers for him for the next few months :)