Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Littlest Three Cuddling

Everett is so patient with his crazy older siblings. They're loud and all over him all the time and he's perfectly fine with it. He smiles and coos at them all and seems to really love being the baby with all these kids to entertain him.  photo 097bwresized_zps48b15419.jpg  photo 106eresized_zps42193cb7.jpg  photo 112e3resized_zpsadd6d0c2.jpg  photo 113bwresized_zps5a96cc31.jpg  photo 119eresized_zpseb008fdb.jpg


  1. I wanted to comment on these as soon as I saw them (last night) but I can't comment from my phone! These are SO PRICELESS. Such treasures. I want to go back in time and get pictures like these of my kids :)

  2. These are just as sweet as can be! Little Everett gets so much good love and attention from his siblings!